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Jacked up engine explosion

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Jacked up engine explosion

Watch a semi-truck's engine explode through the top of its bonnet -

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Watch The Jacked Up Motorsports Pulling Truck Barf Half A Caterpillar Engine Through Its Hood!

Tractor-pulling semi truck 'Jacked Up' had the biggest engine blow-out there has ever been went it ejected its entire engine out of the frame. cowling, windshield , and even the roof were heavily damaged in the explosion. (Lead photo from Jacked Up Motorsports FB page) – We have showed you the nasty side effects of hugely boosted pulling engines failing. This is meant to contain the controlled explosion happening down in the cylinders. Then shove a new engine in it until that one blows up.
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Equipment FailureTruck engine explodes during tractor pull .. and all your windows down, while they're jacked-up compensation machine's. Extreme engine failure as this engine blows right out of the truck at the national truck and tractor pulling national championship at bowling Green Ohio.

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Jacked up engine explosion

Watch the biggest engine...

This was the worst engine explosion we ever captured on film. It is the only tractor in the Light Mod. It would not be surprising if the frame was damaged by the forces, potentially totaling the whole rig. Graham King , Editor. High performance diesel power.

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Smoking tires, wheelstanding pulls. It happened directly in front of the camera. The carnage is virtually unrivaled in motorsports. Jacked Up Motorsport, which built and runs the truck, has not indicated what caused the blow-out, or if it intends to embark on a rebuild. Everything above the crankcase was ejected straight out of the engine bay.

By far the most exciting and spectacular Pull. The appropriately named for these purposes, anyway Jacked Up Motorsports pulling truck suffered one of the most incredible engine failures anyone has ever seen last weekend at the NTPA national tractor pulling championships held in Bowling Green, Ohio.

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Jacked up engine explosion

The amount of damage to the truck is kind of astounding. The latest part is available. Jacked Up Motorsport, which built and runs the truck, has not indicated what caused the blow-out, or if it intends to embark on a rebuild. The MC is droning on about church services whilst in front of him this beautiful truck pukes its engine out. Great looking trucks create about diesel horses and put on a great Jacked up engine explosion. Ironically, the fact so much of the engine came out probably prevented any Jacked up engine explosion as most of the moving parts were contained.


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